Rolex Glossary – Gaspard SANDERS

Rolex Glossary – Gaspard SANDERS


Iconic luxury brand, crown jewel of the Swiss watch industry, Rolex can be accurately defined in a way which applies to very few companies across the world: it is a Legend.

The Rolex Glossary provides a mean for professionals, collectors and enthusiasts alike to dive deeper into the rich and unique world of Rolex watches, learn about the remarkable history of the brand, the exceptional variety of timepieces, from the most coveted models to the least known ones, as well as the unofficial nicknames given to certain references and whichever intricate details those may feature. Indeed, this work, first of its kind, is also an excellent up-to-date tool for bettering ones skills in recognizing and evaluating Rolex timepieces to a high degree of expertise.

Summary: References, Foreword, A few dates, Terminology, Table of Contents, Sources.

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Fascinated with watchmaking, Gaspard SANDERS started working on his own watches at a very young age. He then started fixing those of his friends, whom in turn sent him their friends, promptly spreading the word around. ATELIER SANDERS was born.

Located in Cannes, France, the business enjoys an international reputation and an ever-growing customer base, thanks to Gaspard’s meticulous, passionate and exceptionally well executed work.

This book is a condensed Rolex Glossary of the terms used by enthusiasts and professionals alike, it does not constitute an exhaustive list of said terms, nor has it been validated by Rolex SA.

No authorization or approbation have been given, and no official representative has been involved in any way in the making of this work.

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